Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brunch Roundup: Perennial, m. henry, flo

I had delicious brunches at three new (for me) places this month: Perennial, m. henry, and flo.


This was my first visit to Perennial. The food was elegant and flavorful and service was professional.

I had the grilled cheese and roasted garlic tomato soup... aged cheddar on texas toast. The soup was perfect for a cold winter morning. The flavors are elevated by the roasted garlic.

I sampled my companion's french toast... almond baguette, apples, lemon ginger creme fraiche. Wow.

Oh Perennial, you make me want to come running back for dinner!

m. henry

We managed to get a table immediately after walking in. The decor lacked personality but was inviting.

I was in the mood for Mexican-inspired brunch. So I had the Latina omeletta... black beans, tomatoes, cilantro, green onions, sharp cheddar, and chipotle sauce. Accompanied by sweet plantains sauteed in butter and oven roasted potatoes. Simply delicious. The fresh cilantro and green onions take omeletta to another level. The quality and freshness of the food was superb.

We ordered yuba, which is made from cream that rises to the top of soy milk when making tofu. I found it strange and ridiculously salty.

The service was spot on. My coffee mug was never empty or lukewarm. We felt a bit rushed when we got the check, but it was understandable because there were a lot of people waiting.


I was looking forward to trying the Mexican/ New-Mexican inspired menu at Flo. After much indecision, I decided to order the chilaquiles with scrambled eggs, red onion, and red chile sauce (a la New Mexican cuisine). It could have been served a little hotter. The corn tortilla pieces were the perfect texture. The dish was oversauced but tasty. I couldn't finish the dish, it was too large. Service was slow. Our mimosas were sitting at the bar for about 10 minutes waiting to be served at the table. 

I am always on the search for good chilaquiles, and the ones at Flo were good, not great. Now that I am craving a breakfast burrito. I am willing to give Flo another chance.

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