Sunday, January 31, 2010


Sunda has gotten a lot of publicity since it opened a little less than a year ago.

Fun Ambience. Exquiste decor. Great people watching. Flavorful food. Tasty cocktails.

On a whim, we decided to try our luck at getting a table at Sunda on a Saturday night without reservations. We did not want to sit at the sushi bar or the lounge. We decided to get a drink at the bar and see if any spots opened up. The cocktails are creative and well-executed.  The busboy noticed that we were waiting and said he would reserve the next opening at the bar for us. He was awesome-- within 10 minutes we got a lovely spot at the bar with the bartender as our very own server. 

To make the most out of my Sunda experience, I was urged to focus on small plates and dishes that were not available elsewhere. I would agree with that statement. Sunda will not be the best sushi or the best dumplings you have ever had. It will be a fun night filled with good cocktails and flavorful food.

We ordered the following dishes. 

Longevity Garlic Noodles... lo mein, toasted garlic, butter
The bartender recommended this dish. And I now recommend it to you. The toasted garlic added an intense flavor to an otherwise simple dish. Delicious dish.

Indo Corn Fritters... fresh corn, coriander, garlic, sweet onion-ginger sauce. 
Slightly too big. A tasty appetizer. 

Wild Asian Mushroom And Asparagus Toban... shemiji, shiitake, enoki, black and oyster mushrooms, ginger vinaigrette. 
The toban (chili bean paste) brought out incredible flavors in the mushrooms. The asparagus was well seasoned and added a nice texture to the dish. I wanted to lick my plate... I almost did.

Lemongrass beef lollipops... NY strip beef, spicy chili glaze
Very tender strip steak rolled into a lollipop around a lemongrass stalk. Well executed and flavorful.

Sunda was fun. I might even go back again, but with reservations for a table. 

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