Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You might be a foodie if...

Serious Eats recently had a discussion on what quirks identify you as a foodie.

I am shamelessly guilty of the following...

...you describe a night out at a show by beginning with what you ate beforehand.
...your spouse's Christmas list for you can be completely filled at Williams-Sonoma.
...you treat going to the supermarket as a field trip.
...your reading list yields as many recipes as it does story lines.
...you start navigating to a website where you might need to do banking, or studying, or some other pertinent task and your fingers just naturally type "seriouseats.com."

...you have 20 tabs open on your work web browser. Two are for work, and 18 are related to food.
...your friends tell you converstations with them always make them hungry
...you talk about recipes during the entire bus ride to work; and random strangers on the bus ask "can i come to your place for dinner tonight?"

...you visit grocery stores like it is a tourist destination when you are traveling out of town or search for outdoor markets
...if your friends/spouse do not immediately begin eating when food arrives at a restaurant and either 1) patiently wait for you to get your pictures taken, or 2) 6 cameras whip out of everyone's bags, the table is click-click-clicking with the sound of shutters.
...you are planning the next meal before you finish the one in front of you!

...you have a 'free' day with no obligations and you always end up in the kitchen.
...your default channel is the Food Network (isn't that the only reason to have cable?)

...when you're upset you cook, when you're happy you cook, when you're sad you cook, when you are bored you cook, etc.
... you haven't set foot in a Cheesecake Factory in years (or any other national chain)
... you have extensive, heated debate about restaurants that you haven't actually eaten in yourself
...your list of restaurants to try has more entries than there are days in a year, and spans most major cities on several continents.


So, what makes you a foodie?

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