Friday, July 30, 2010

Pops for Champagne

Who doesn't love a little champagne?  I am a firm believer that a glass of champagne makes an average day sparkle and that drinking champagne should not be reserved for NYE.

And I absolutely adore a cool, refreshing glass of champagne on a hot summer's day. On a Monday evening, I stopped into Pops for Champagne on my way home.

Generally I avoid going to Pops on the weekend because I find it to be rather touristy. But during the week, it is a wonderful place to relax, unwind, and indulge.

Over a lovely glass of Jean Vesselle Réserve champagne, I nibbled on two decadent and creamy cheeses accompanied by red pepper jam and flatbread crackers. The first cheese, recommended by the bartender, was the delectable lazy lady la petite tone- a lush, melty, and tangy goat's milk cheese from Vermont. The second cheese was the crave brothers petit frere, a creamy, slightly stinky, and earthy cow’s milk cheese from Wisconsin.

The bartender was fantastic! He was knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. We discussed our favorite cheese pairings with champagne and how Pops has evolved over the years. To be fair, the sterile ambiance isn't as inviting as it was the previous location, but the bartenders and staff are so friendly and helpful that there is an added charm and warmth to the experience.

As I sat at the bar listening to the fantastic live jazz, I temporarily escaped from my rather long day. It occurred to me that there are few places in Chicago where you can sit back and relax with live music on a weeknight. Another point for Pops!

Everything about Pops is elegant and decadent but thankfully without pretension.

Pops for Champagne
601 N State St.
Chicago, IL 60611

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  1. I love champagne too...take me to Chicago! And is there anything better than really good cheese?


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