Sunday, October 14, 2012

CSA Meal Planning: Pumpkins are here!

My CSA box this week contains:

collard greens
green beans
sweet potato
gypsy peppers
shisito peppers

There are some wonderful Turkish recipes that I've been waiting in anticipation to share with you. On the dinner table at most Turkish homes you will find a type of meze called olive oil dishes, or zeytinyagli. In olive oil dishes, vegetables are braised, or cooked at length, in olive oil and can be kept refrigerated for days, served cold or at room temperature. Yes, the vegetables are cooked to death, which goes against my instinct to crisp cook vegetables or eat them raw; nonetheless, the olive oil dishes are wonderfully delicious.  This week I will introduce you to a few of my favorite olive oil dishes: Zeytinyagli Taze Fasulye or green beans cooked with tomatoes and olive oil; Zeytinyagli Kara Lahana, or collard greens cooked with rice, tomatoes, and olive oil; and Zeytinyagli Pirasa, or leeks, carrots,  and rice cooked in olive oil. Enjoy zeytinyagli dishes with a garlic yogurt sauce and bread.

With the arrival of autumn comes soup season, one of my favorite soups is this broccoli and leek soup with broiled cheddar.  For another fall soup, try an earthy, delicately spiced beet ginger soup topped wih a dollop of yogurt. 

Another autumn favorite is pumpkin ravioli with a brown butter, crispy sage, and nutmeg topped with a dusting of parmesan. An Indian fall favorite is this sweet potato quinoa, a healthy twist on sabudana khichdi, is scented with cumin, green chiles, and ginger and tossed with ground roasted peanuts and red cayenne pepper. Serve hot with yogurt on a cool, autumn night.

On the lighter side, raw paper-thin fennel, carrot, and radish are tossed with lemony quinoa in a wonderfully refreshing salad.

Our CSA Menu Plan for the week:
Day 1: Zeytinyagli Taze Fasulye, or Turkish green beans in olive oil
Zeytinyagli Kara Lahana, or Turkish collard greens in olive oil
Zeytinyagli Pirasa, or Turkish leeks and carrots in olive oil
garlic yogurt sauce

Day 2: Broccoli and leek soup with broiled cheddarShisito peppers with coarse salt

Day 3: Broccoli and leek soup
Fennel, leek, and potato gratin

Day 4: Sweet potato quinoa sabudana khichdi with ground roasted peanuts

Day 5: Pumpkin ravioli in brown butter and crispy sage
Roasted gypsy peppers with capers (same recipe but without eggplant)

Day 6: Beet ginger soup with yogurt

Day 7: Fennel, carrot, radish quinoa salad


  1. Oh yum! Now I need to get a hold of a seasonal pumpkin! So many good ideas here. Pumpkin ravioli sounds especially magical.

  2. I need to know how to make beet ginger soup. Then I need to curl up on the sofa with my bestie and a piping hot bowl! (Sounds better than curling up with the computer to skype, haha.) xxoo


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